Gears of War – Small Environments

Indoor Environment

This was a simple indoor environment.  My design was of a semi-elegant dining area, complete with chandelier and wine rack.  Although the room was not designed for use other than display, it is spaced enough for combat and full movement.  While the space seems large, I added my own touch by making every piece of furniture breakable so that they moved around when damaged or hit (excluding the fireplace, light fixture, and pictures on the wall) and the space was needed to make sure the player could not get stuck when furniture was tossed about.  This added a sense of realism to the environment.  I even added more grenades so the player could have fun blowing up the furniture.

The lighting is something I enjoyed doing, and this room shows off some of the touches I have with creating unique light volumes and directional lighting.

Video: JBB_IndoorEnviron.wmv

Outdoor Environment

This is a simple outdoor environment, including appropriate lighting and a skybox.  The environment is small and unique.  For my area, I chose a small man-made path leading up to a gated park, which the player does not enter but can view through the gate.  The path has been blocked from the rear, as this was meant to be a small playspace.  The setting was at night, so lighting was created from lampposts and spotlights on the fountain in the center of the park.

The wooded area was heavily populated with trees, bushes, and flowers, to make a compact and enclosed space.  A tree blocked movement to the back, but the player could see a further path and a house in the distance.

The park area is in stark contrast to the dark, enclosed wooded area.  It is very open, spacious, and well-lit.  A fountain sits in the middle surrounded by park benches and a hedge encloses the entire park.  Statues stand at various points in the park as well.

Video:  JBB_OutdoorEnviron.wmv


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